Meeting held on the 30th July 2019

At this meeting the Gibbons Family Trust gave away £22,000, the maximum amount it was able to distribute.  This was split between 15 successful applicants (5 unsuccessful), being 4 individuals and 11 organisations.  The amount given to East Devon was unusually high, £8,400, due to some strong local applications for organisations working with small children.  Thanet received £4,000 out of the £19,100 given to groups.

The David Gibbons Foundation distributed £30,350 by way of 23 grants.  5 individuals received £2,850 between them, whilst organisations benefited by way of £27,500.  There were 3 unsuccessful applicants.  £8,250 of the total will be remaining in East Devon.  The largest grant was to the Budleigh Hub to assist with the purchase of a new vehicle so that clients can attend the Hub.

The next meeting will be held late October 2019, and the cut off date for applications will be the 30th September.  Please do not leave your application until the last minute!

April 2019 meeting

One of the busiest ever meetings for the Trusts, with both Trusts being more oversubscribed than usual.   Unfortunately this means more rejections, or applicants receiving less than applied for.

The Foundation considered 32 applications, and awarded 29 of these.  This amounted to £32,508 in total, which breaks down into £4,758 for 9 individual applicants and £27,750 to organisations.

The Family Trust made 14 grants, all to organisations.  There was an unusually small amount of applicants from the East Devon area and only £1,000 was awarded here.  There were 6 rejections, the highest number for some time.  £17,150 was the total amount given away, of which £6,400 went to Thanet.

The next meeting will be held at the end of July 2019, and the cut off date for applications is the 30th June.

Trustees’ meeting January 2019

At the recent meeting the Trustees grants in the David Gibbons Foundation amounting to £31,127, plus a pledge of £3,000.  For the first time ever there were no rejections.  An unusually high amount was awarded to East Devon – £14,950 (including the pledge).      The largest grant made was to FORCE for their East Devon exercise programme for patients. 4 individuals received grants totalling £2,050.

The Gibbons Family Trust made grants of £22,750 in total.  This was split between £1,250 to individuals, and £21,500 to organisations.  Of the latter £1,250 was for East Devon, and £11,000 was for the Isle of Thanet, which was a higher amount than usual due to some recent publicity for the Trust in Thanet.

The next meeting will be held at the end of April 2019.  Please ensure that all applications are sent by post to the office by the 31st March to be in good time for this meeting.

Grants meeting on the 16th October 2018

The autumn meeting was a little quieter than the last.

In the Foundation 22 grants were awarded, totaling £28,884.   4 rejections were made.  Very unusually none of the successful recipients were from East Devon, this is something the Trustees will monitor going forward.   The largest grant was for £4,000 to a Devon carer’s charity, whilst the smallest was for just £170 to a couple for the purchase of an oven.  The average size grant from the meeting was £1,313.

The Family Trust awarded grants of £21,530 in total.  Of this £4,500 was for Thanet, £3,050 was for East Devon, and £750 was to a charity operating in both areas.  4 young individuals were assisted by way of grants amounting to £2,750.  The average size grant across the board was £1,346.  There were no rejections, but 2 charities were moved across to the Foundation, whose criteria fell under the remit of both Trusts.

Changes in grant payments

At their July meeting the Trustees agreed some changes to the way grants will be paid.  The use of cheques is to be phased out across all types of applicant now where possible,  (whereas previously only Charities and Organisations were receiving BACs payments).  This change is due to the proportionately high number of cheques being lost in the post.

Please see the pages on ‘how to apply’ for more details.

Trustees’ meeting 17th July 2018

The Trustees had a successful July meeting.

In the Foundation 30 applications were considered.  Of these 24 received a grant, being 6 individuals and 18 not-for-profit organisations.   East Devon charities received £4,500 of the total amount given away, which was £29,488.

In the Family Trust only 18 applications were reviewed but of these 15 were successful.   Thanet organisations received £2,250 and another £3,000 was given to charities working in both Devon and Thanet.  Both the smallest and the largest grants went to Thanet – £500 and £2,250.  East Devon benefitted from grants worth £5,900.

Applications are now welcome for the October 2018 meeting.

Trustees’ meeting 17th April 2018

This meeting marked the retirement of Mr Roger Dawe as Chair and Trustee.  Roger was a founder Trustee, having known David and Vera Gibbons for many year.  The Trustees wish to acknowledge their gratitude for Roger’s Chairmanship since the Trusts began operating in 2008/09, and wish him well in his Retirement.

The new Chair of the Trusts is Dr Miles Joyner, and for the first time the Trusts have a Vice-Chair, Mrs Elizabeth Lee.

At this meeting the following grants are awarded: –

The David Gibbons Foundation distributed £25,997 by way of 23 grants.  5 grants were made to individuals in Devon, (£2,697 in total) the rest to charities and not-for-profit organisations.   The largest grant was for £3,000 to Exeter Citizens Advice Bureau for their work with people with disabilities.  In contrast the smallest grant to a charity was to MyAware for an East Devon Support group.  

The Gibbons Family Trusts awarded £17,600.  £3,000 remained in East Devon, whilst £3,950 went to help those in Thanet.  The largest grant, £2,500 will help pay for an annual residential trip to Cornwall for a East Devon youth organisation.   3 individuals received grants, which came to £1,375 in total.   

The next meeting of the Trustees will be held mid July 2018, please try to post applications by the end of June.

General Data Protection Regulation

The Trustees are aware of the introduction of GDPR on the 25th May 2018.  They are working to ensure that the Gibbons Family Trust and the David Gibbons Foundation will be compliant with the necessary regulations that are applicable to the relatively small size of the office.

Applicants may notice some changes to application forms and communication from the office in due course in order to comply.

February 6th Meeting 2018

The January meeting was delayed by one week until February 6th.

At that meeting the David Gibbons Foundation awarded grants of £30,300.  This was through 19 grants.  3 grants were made to individuals, totalling £1,800, whilst charities and not-for-profit organisations received £28,500.  Of this £4,000 will remain in East Devon. The largest grant was £5,000 to a Devon Family Centre.

The Gibbons Family Trust made 4 grants to individuals which came to £3,040, and 13 grants to organisations, £17,600.  £4,000 was awarded to the Isle of Thanet in Kent.  The smallest grant of the day was made to a school in Devon for a Lego Club for children with Autism.  Total grants made amounted to £20,640.