October 2017 meeting

Recently The David Gibbons Foundation has awarded grants totalling £29,500.  There was an unprecedented amount of demand for help at the meeting with applications amounting to almost £62,000.  4 applications were unsuccessful, and 2 applicants received pledged grants.    That left 20 grants to be awarded now.  The largest grant was for £5,000 to a charity in Exeter and the smallest was for £350 to an individual in need of help with rent. £2750 of grants were made to the East Devon area.

The Gibbons Family Trust had also received a high level of requests in advance of the meeting and was able to meet 52% of that demand.  4 applicants were unsuccessful, and 1 pledge was made.  The Thanet area received £11,358 of grants, and £4,000 will stay in East Devon.  6 individuals received grants, the average size of these was £417.  The largest grant was £5308 to a domestic abuse charity in Thanet.  In total £24,358 was given away through 19 grants.

July 2017 meeting

The David Gibbons Foundation awarded grants of £31,000 last week.  This was to 24 applicants, 6 individuals and 18 organisations.  The largest grant was for £10,000 to a local well known medical charity in Exeter which is piloting a new project of support in the home in the East Devon area.  6 individuals / families received grants of £1,812 in total, all of which had been applied for through an organisation.    The smallest grant was for £200 to an individual.  £17,000 of the total will be helping those in the East Devon area. 

The Gibbons Family Trust distributed £23,575 of grants to 20 applicants.  Only £1,500 was for the East Devon area, but a further £7,250 is for the Thanet area.  5 individuals applied and in total received £2,575 between them.  The largest grant was for £3,000 for a children’s charity working in both Devon and Thanet, the grant will help with their Emergency Grant Scheme for children in urgent need. 

April 2017 Meeting

At the meeting held on the 25th April the following grants were considered and awarded:

The David Gibbons Foundation received 22 applications and awarded 18 applications and 2 pledges.  A total of £26,850 was awarded (including the pledges).  The largest grants were for 2 of  £5,000 to an East Devon school and a social club in East Devon for adults with learning disabilities.  The smallest grant was for £100 to an individual for essential furniture.  £11,950 was given to East Devon applicants in total.

The Gibbons Family Trust awarded grants of £17,750, plus 1 pledge for £500.   19 applications were considered and only one was refused.  £5,500 was given away by way of 3 grants to Thanet in Kent, and £4,750 to East Devon.  The largest grant was for £3,000 to a Community Trust in Thanet, and the smallest was £165 for a child in Devon to take part in a school trip.

January 2017 meeting

The January meeting was a very busy one with 27 applications for the David Gibbons Foundation and 22 for the Gibbons Family Trust.  From these the Trustees awarded grants of £29,500 from DGF and £20,135 from GFT.  4 applications were moved from 1 Trust to the other (applications that fitted the criteria of both Trusts) to maximise the amount of income available to distribute.

The largest grant awarded was £3,000 to a children’s centre in Devon, and the smallest grant was £200 to an individual for College equipment.

GFT made 2 grants totalling £4,685 to Thanet and 2 grants worth £3,500 to East Devon.  DGF awarded 5 grants worth £5,000 to East Devon organisation or individuals.

October 2016 Trustees’ meeting

At the recent meeting of the Trustees the following grants were awarded:

The Gibbons Family Trust made 17 grants totalling £21,875. Of these 4 grants were given to individuals and the rest were to charities / not-for-profit organisations. One grant was for the Isle of Thanet for £3,000 for a charity that helps with reading and book clubs in special schools.  The remainder of the grants were for Devon (with two being in East Devon). The smallest grant was for £450.

The David Gibbons Foundation awarded grants of £24,115 by way of 22 grants.  Again 4 were grants to individuals. 5 grants were for East Devon.  The largest grant given was for £3,000 to a charity that recycles old furniture and distributes it to families on low incomes. The smallest grant was to an individual for £300.


July Trustees’ Meeting

At the July meeting the Trustees awarded the following grants: –

The Gibbons Family Trust gave away £24,250.  This included 3 grants of £4,000 in total, and 4 grants totalling £4,300 to East Devon.  The largest grant was for £2,400 to a charity that works with children with learning difficulties in both Devon and Thanet.  8 grants were made to individuals.

The David Gibbons Foundation awarded grants of £32,110, being 20 grants in total. The smallest grant was for £250 to an individual and the largest was for £10,000 to a charity in Exeter and East Devon that works with young children and their families from low income backgrounds. 3 grants were made to East Devon.